Welcome to the official !distain fanshop!
Here you will find all of the band's cd & dvd releases which are still available. Up to this we offer unique fan items only available at this shop. Any questions? Any special item you would like to have? We can produce individual designs especially for you. Just let us know and we will try to make it possible.

Please notice: If you send an order from outside Germany we ask you to pay via PayPal. We do not accept credit cards. Any questions left? Please contact us!

Here is a list of terms you may find helpful being translated into english:





 - Warenkorb = basket

- Preis = price

- Endpreis, zzgl. Versandkosten = price plus shipping & handling

- verfügbar = in stock

- 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit = delivery time within 3 days (this can vary from country to country)
- Kleiner Vorgeschmack = preview
Kommentar schreiben = write a comment
Eintrag = your message